Jerome Bertrand

Fine Arts & Photography

Month: March, 2016

The 18th International Collage Exhibition

Friday April 1st 2016 will be the opening of Dale Copeland’s 18th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange in which I will participate with a few of my works. The event will be held at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford, New Zealand. There will also be an online sale for collectors around the globe at Virtual Gallery all through the month of April.

Cameo In Dreamingless Magazine


Featured in the Issue 20, March 2016 of Magazine is 10 pages of the series “Cameo” which was shot with amazing models Ashley, Cloé, Ekaterina, Emily, Iris, Marjorie, Monica, Sandra and Stephanie along with 51 more that was printed in a book (available on my website). Thanks to the wonderful editor in chief Zoe Michelle for her confidence in this project and the kind words on women which we celebrate in this month.

The Art for Peace à Paris


Dreams and Divinities et la Society For Art of Imagination vous présente une exposition grandiose à la galerie Atelier Gustave sur Paris au 36 rue Boissonade 75014. Le vernissage aura lieu le 22 mars 2016 et il y aura une soirée  de clôture le 26 mars 2016.

Voici les 53 artistes qui participerons:

Alex Grey, Aloria Weaver, Amanda Sage, Andrew Gonzalez, Benjamin Vierling, Bette Burgoyne, Brigid Marlin, Bruce Rimell, Carol Spicuzza, Carrie Ann Baade, Christian Michael, Corine Periere, Craig Larotonda, Daniela Ovtcharov, David Heskin, Dean Fleming, Dengcoy Miel, Don Farrell, Eike, France Garrido, Gaia Orion, Gromyko Semper, Jane Andrews, Jean Pronovost, Joe Macgown, Kathleen Scarbow, Liba Waring. S. Manu Van H, Manuela Zervudachi, Marcus Mcallister, Marcus Usherwood, Mark Henson, Marnie Pitt, Martin Stensaas, Martina Hoffmann, Michel Bassot, Michel de St Ouen, Miguel Tio, Oliver Benson, Olga Spiegel, Otto Rapp, Pascal Ferry, Patrice Hubert, Peter Gric, Robert Venosa, Roku Sasaki, Sandra Yagi, Santiago Ribeiro, Sarah Zambiasi, Vladimir Ovtcharov, Zeljko Djurovic et moi même.

Curly Hair Don’t Care

Fashion editorial Styled and Makeup by Kim Creton and photographed by yours truly.

Models: Jamie Forbes, Naomi Banks and Jamila Hamili.